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There are few things that can ruin a day quite like a car accident. Small damages to the appearance of your vehicle can be upsetting to fix, but serious collisions can leave you without transportation. At Stuckey Ford Subaru our collision center experts are well-aware of the stress car accidents can induce, which is why our repair professionals make it a point to make the entire process of getting your vehicle back in shape quick and effortless. Those on the hunt for the ideal auto body & collision repair shop in Altoona PA will know they’ve found the right place as soon as they walk into our shop.

Stuckey Ford Subaru has been serving the Altoona and Hollidaysburg PA communities for more than 50 years, and in that time we’re proud to say we’ve formed a solid team that is professionally trained to deal with a wide selection of vehicles from many different automakers. 

Why Stuckey Auto Body & Collision Center? 

When you get in an accident there are a number of things that go through your mind, but the only thing that should matter is that no one gets hurt. Unfortunately, repair costs and insurance claims are also high on anyone’s list. You want to make sure your car will be repaired and the cost entirely covered, only to find you’re bogged down with details regarding appraisals and paperwork that are time consuming and only add to the stress of the situation.

Fortunately, Stuckey Ford Subaru not only accepts most major insurances, but also participates in many direct repair programs. This means our shop is approved and recommended by many insurers, and we can be trusted to perform repairs at a reasonable cost. What this means for you is a faster process, as our work is guaranteed by many major insurance companies and we are accustomed to working directly with insurance adjusters to get your claim processed in a more timely manner.

Auto Body & Collision Repair Estimates in Hollidaysburg PA

Sometimes a collision forces you to look for the first repair shop that can get you back on the road, but at other times you may be fortunate enough to shop around for the best price. We understand you have options, which is why our experts at the Stuckey Ford Subaru Auto Body Collision and Repair shop offer free estimates. This means we’re happy to look over your car for damage and provide an accurate assessment of what it reasonably costs to get it back in working order. Remember, it’s your right to get a vehicle back in the exact shape it was in before your accident, and we’re determined to deliver that quality to you.

In addition to free estimates, we do appraisals and repair work in house, which makes us a one-stop shop for getting you back on the road. In Pennsylvania, drivers are only required to get one appraisal for their insurance companies, which means you can come to us and we can report back to your insurance company without waiting for a middle man. While we pride ourselves on making the whole process speedy, we recognize there’s no such thing as too fast and you don’t want to wait around the dealership while we get everything in order, and you don’t have to. We have Enterprise car rental on site to help get you back on the road and going about your life while we get all the work done for you. If getting back on the road is your number one goal, fill out our handy form and we’ll be happy to help you schedule an appointment. 

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